10 April 2012 @ 20:34

"You said you'd leave it alone."
"Of course I didn't leave it alone."

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quickreaver on 11th April 2012 02:18 (UTC)
This one is SO heartbreaking. You can taste Sam's misery. Gorgeous.
cedarcliffe on 11th April 2012 04:16 (UTC)
thank you <3<3

...i'm still kind of bowled over that you even come here
you blow me out of the water when you so much as sneeze
quickreaver on 11th April 2012 13:49 (UTC)
PFFFT. What you and I do are totally different animals. I can't do what you do either.

We're even. ;)
runedgirl on 11th April 2012 03:43 (UTC)
Oh, I am loving these! So full of emotion, and so gorgeous. How do you convey all that in only silhouettes??
cedarcliffe on 11th April 2012 04:14 (UTC)
thank you!

(is that a rhetorical question or? cause i mean i may have an answer ish but)
runedgirl on 11th April 2012 15:39 (UTC)
Actually it's not entirely, because it seems implausible that so much emotion comes through with only the lines to convey it. Is it harder, conveying so much with no shading, expression, background, etc?
cedarcliffe on 11th April 2012 16:18 (UTC)
I wouldn't say harder. different. a different kind of art making goes into pieces where the focus is the face, or the setting, or the way shadows and light inform emotional state. it's just a different way of looking at things, seeing the minutiae of an expression or the colors of a feeling. some people are fantastic at it (re: euclase, quickreaver) but its not my forte. I'm much more interested in bodies.

I'm a theatre major. on a stage, you can't speak with your eyes, and you can only occasionally speak with your face. for the most part, if you can't say it with your voice or your body, you can't say it at all. as such, I spend a great deal of time looking at people, and developing an understanding of how a gesture can encompass the entirety of a person's identity. people say eyes are the windows to the soul, but I don't think that's true -- I think our bodies are more true than our eyes can ever be. our eyes express what we think and feel; our bodies express what we are. so when I want to convey something truly intimate, i want to go beyond thought or emotion into gut feeling, physical impulse. physical expression. because we use our faces to communicate with others, and we use our bodies to communicate with ourselves. so when I make art, I focus on the body, and what it has to say. from the positioning of an arm to the curve of a spine. everything means something.

I don't know that I can give you any practical ways in which ive refined my 'technique', beyond close observation of myself and others, and a willingness to start over (sometimes from the beginning) when my gut tells me something doesn't look right. I practice constantly and I watch carefully. i think that's the best any artist can do. as a writer, I'm sure you understand.
justmmy on 11th April 2012 16:48 (UTC)
*reblog, reblog, reblog*
cedarcliffe on 11th April 2012 19:53 (UTC)
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